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Landlord Services

“coreconnect have partnered with us to provide day-one connectivity on a number of our projects. They’ve been
a pleasure to work with, thoroughly professional, knowledgeable and reliable. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Ben White,
Associate Director – V7 Asset Management


Connectivity for Modern Businesses

coreconnect enables commercial landlords to provide tenants optimised connectivity with connections from all major fibre providers and data centers. This ensures that your property is well equipped to meet the demands of modern businesses relying on robust, high-speed internet connections.



Streamlining the process, allowing you to offer tenants quick and hassle-free access 
to essential connectivity services. No more frustrating delays associated with installation and wayleave agreements.



Rental Potential

Unlock the full rental potential of your property, with readiness and connectivity that attract tenants. coreconnect equips you to meet tenant expectations, catering to their technology needs.


Free WiFi
for All

Elevate your building management and public areas with complimentary WiFi coverage. Offering free, reliable WiFi throughout the property fosters a sense of community and convenience, making your property standout.


WiredScore Status

With coreconnect as a trusted partner to Wiredscore, you can bolster your property's WiredScore status and maintain it, showing prospective tenants that your property is at the forefront of technology readiness.

Who We Work With


Tenant Services

You need a workspace with powerful, flexible and ready-to-go connectivity. Our Connected Buildings deliver exactly that, for a better tenant experience with no hassles, delays 
or disruption. Simply move in, plug in and start work.

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Consultancy Services

Boost your business with our Day One Connectivity Consultancy. We'll set up your network smoothly and efficiently so you can operate seamlessly from the get-go. Enjoy dependable connectivity with our customised solutions.

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