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Core Values

Welcome to coreconnect.
We work with you to provide super fast internet connections across the property sector.

Why connect?

Core Services

Instant Connectivity
from Day One

At coreconnect, we're all about creating a seamless transition into your new workspace, providing instant IT solutions from day one. No more delays just a plug-and-you’re off internet experience for businesses of all sizes.

Flex space

At coreconnect we guarantee reliability and offer professional planning services for your network and WiFi setup. Our dedicated monitoring and maintenance ensure that the WiFi and Internet access in your space is never interrupted. We're not just a service; we're your partner in success.

Cat A+ Office
Spaces (Hybrid)

Drawing on our expertise, we empower commercial real estate managers. By offering internet connectivity for premium Cat A+ office spaces at minimal costs, we help you attract tenants effortlessly, enhancing your property's appeal.

Consultancy for
Building Connectivity

Providing cost-effective consultancy services to landlords and building managers. We help enhance your building's connectivity, boost your WiredScore rating, and simplify the leasing process. Our expertise ensures your spaces are easily marketable and attractive to potential tenants.

Core Buildings

Our commitment to delivering outstanding internet services extends to a diverse range of buildings.

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